How is the photo inside the pendant viewed?

The image within may be seen in 3 different ways:

1: Check with your own eyes

Just glance through the pendant's circle.
Hold it with the light source and avoid touching the backside with your fingertips.

To view it, you must hold the object extremely near to your eyes.

You can see it better the closer you are.

2: Your phone's camera

Simply place the pendant's circle in front of your phone's camera.

Additionally, it must be really near. lens in contact with the necklace.

Occasionally, this can be a little challenging; just try to shift it about until you can see the entire picture.

3: Projecting imagery onto a wall

Place the phone's flashlight near the necklace's back cover.
Pass the light through the middle of the stone

Pendant needs to be upside down as it is a projection

The room must be dark, with the distance to the wall being approximately one metre.

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