Product Care

Here, we'd like to provide you some advice on how to care for your jewellery pieces so that they'll endure a long time and bring you and your loved ones joy.

Water or Liquid

Please keep all kinds of water away from the jewellery products.

Please remove them before showering, swimming, etc. as doing so may harm the picture within and result in oxidation and jewellery discoloration.

Please remove it while working out or exercising as well to avoid direct sweat contact.

Cosmetics, fragrances, and make-up

It is advisable not to get the jewellery in touch with perfume or cosmetics since they contain chemicals that can cause oxidation and discoloration of the jewellery.

Scratches on the Image Inside

The "scratches" on the picture are usually just stray hairs or dust.

Please try softly blowing from the back of the pendant or using a cotton swab to remove the photo carefully.

Please send us an email if issue still persists, and we will try our best to help you with this.

Returns - Refunds

Unfortunately, we have no control over how your jewellery is worn or what materials it comes into touch with after you get it. As a result, once they have been worn for a time, we are not liable for their appearance or condition. Unfortunately, oxidation and discoloration of your jewellery item do not qualify for returns or refunds.

We appretiate your understanding. 


Here is an In-depth explanation of discoloration

Reasons Jewelry Oxidizes

The fading or blackening of a piece of jewellery is known as oxidation. Oxidation happens naturally. We guarantee that our sterling silver is.925 pure, making it 92.5% silver, with the remaining 7.5% made up of additional metal alloys that assist make the silver durable enough to be used in jewellery. A piece of jewellery oxidises due to interactions between the atmosphere and other metals, primarily copper. Under the appropriate circumstances and with enough time, all sterling silver will rust. The degree of oxidation that develops on a specific piece of jewellery relies on a variety of elements, including the level of detail in the jewellery as well as the habits and maintenance practises of the wearer. Oxidation is not a manufacturer’s defect or fault.